Unified Global Intelligence Agency

Meeting The Need,
One Mission At A Time

About UGIC

Unified Global Intelligence provides a sophisticated multiplex of corporate and private contract intelligence services to individuals, non-governmental organisations and governments across the global marketplace. The prime developers and initiators of our agency have a vast level of experience within that are uniquely equipped at creating a careful balance between verifiably effective intelligence gathering practices and cutting-edge technological resources. In addition to deploying our arsenal to modern tools, our advanced skillset and momentum of action allows us to far outpace our competition.

  • Cyber Security Protection
  • LiDAR GIS Mapping
  • SIGINT Collection & Analysis
  • HUMINT Collection & Mission Risk Profiling
  • Drone Threat Mitigation
  • Force Protection Services
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • AOT & JIT Research and Development

What do our integration partners and project allies have to say about UGIA?

"As a Project Ally, UGIA has been an absolute pleasure to work with! They have an excellent engineering team and a brilliant mix of diverse, subject matter experts that we have come to rely upon for mission success time and again.“

TJ.Schneider ~ Project Control Officer ~ Paradigm Securities Group, SARL

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